Composition Services


We offer the highest-quality double-key/compare service you will find for the Macintosh, PC, or any format you need.

Disk Conversion

We convert, update, and code text and art files from numerous word processing and art formats.


With InDesign or QuarkXpress, we compose integrated pages for books ranging from simple novels to complex reference titles and highly illustrated coffee-table books. Our type library has over 2,300 fonts.


We develop most existing file formats into products ranging from NetGalleys to final, sellable eBooks with a wide range of complexity for use with various eReader devices and conforming to EPUB3 specifications. We also provide quality control (QC) services for eBooks.

NMSG Services:

  • Art
  • Composition
  • Editorial
  • Technical Support
  • ebooks
  • Four-Color Scanning
  • Black-and-White Scanning
  • Color Conversion
  • Duotones, Tritones, and Quadtones
  • Digital Photography
  • Image Retouching
  • Printing Specifications
  • Art Proofing
  • Preflight/Final Prep

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  • Keyboarding
  • Disk Conversion
  • Page Layout
  • eBooks, NetGalleys, and quality control services

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  • Full Service
  • Proofreading
  • Indexing

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Our expert and up-to-date staff is available for any type of technical support to help you resolve text and art file problems, software issues, and developmental problems. We're just a phone call or email away.

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  • conversion from application files or using raw manuscript
  • production of reflowable, fixed layout, or iBooks Author ebooks
  • standard delivery of 2 most popular formats
  • creation and optimization for NetGalley
  • guarantee of compliant, error-free ebooks
  • third-party QC services for prepared ebooks

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