NYT Notable Books of 2014

Near the end of each year, the editors of the New York Times Book Review select the 100 most noteworthy books of the year, which includes fiction, poetry, and nonfiction titles. On this year’s list are 15 titles published by Alfred A. Knopf, for which NMSG does a large volume of prepress work.

This year NMSG composed 12 of the 15 notable titles published by Knopf, which means that this small company produced 80% of these acclaimed books for the most respected book publisher in the industry.

Overall, NMSG composed 18 of the 100 books on the Notable list, which means that NMSG actually had more books on the list than Knopf. When you consider that NMSG produced 18% of the most notable books of 2014, that is quite an accomplishment and provides tangible evidence of our commitment to quality.